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Art Month

Afternoon Tea Talks at Black Pony Gallery: An Artistic Soiree

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 October 19, 2023

  4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Nestled within the timeless charm of the historic Cambridge Beaches Main House, the Black Pony Gallery beckons art enthusiasts for an exclusive series of Afternoon Tea Talks this October.

Art Conversations with the Experts:

  • October 5: Afternoon Tea Talks with James Cooper - Be entranced by the evocative works of James Cooper. He'll open up about his artistic journey, revealing the inspirations and tales that weave through his creations.

  • October 12: Afternoon Tea Talks with Charles Zuill - Traverse the art landscape with Charles Zuill. As you enjoy your tea, immerse yourself in discussions on his techniques, influences, and the profound narratives behind his art.

  • October 19: Afternoon Tea Talks with Meredith Andrews - Engage with Meredith Andrews, exploring the depth of her artistry, as she shares stories, thoughts, and the essence that molds her work.

Guided Art Walk with the Curator: Enhance your gallery experience as Lisa Howie, the esteemed curator, offers guided tours of the artworks adorning the space. With her expert touch, delve deeper into the layers, understand the nuances, and connect more personally with the art.

Sip, Munch, and Revel: Amid the swirl of art and dialogue, savor the age-old charm of afternoon tea. Delight in the harmony of freshly baked cookies accompanying a cup of perfectly brewed tea - an experience that's both comforting and heartwarming.

Connect Over Shared Passion: Mingle with fellow art lovers, exchanging ideas, interpretations, and perspectives. These talks aren't just about listening; they're about engaging, sharing, and building a community of art admirers.

RSVP for an Exclusive Insight: Given the intimate nature of this event, seating is notably limited. It's essential to make a reservation, ensuring your place at this unique confluence of art, conversation, tea, and cookies.

Step into the Black Pony Gallery this October for an afternoon of enriched artistic exploration, meaningful discussions, and delightful refreshments. Secure your spot and be part of this memorable journey.

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