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Brunch at Shoreline

Brunch at Shoreline

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 November 19, 2023

  12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Sunday Brunch at Shoreline Terrace: A New Dawn of Culinary Delights

Starting November 5, Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa introduces a sunrise experience like no other. As the soft hues of dawn paint the skies over Mangrove Bay, join us at the same beloved spot where you've cherished our Monday BBQ sunsets. This time, the morning sun will be your companion as you dive into a brunch menu that promises to tantalize your taste buds.

From the classic allure of Egg Benedict to the exotic twist of our Merguez Shakshuka, our offerings cater to both traditional brunch enthusiasts and adventurous eaters alike. Pair these dishes with the mesmerizing view of the sun climbing the horizon, and you're in for an experience that goes beyond just food. Whether you're seeking plant-based delights or a savory lobster poutine, there's something for everyone.

We invite locals and in-house guests to transition from the vibrant warmth of our BBQ nights to the serene embrace of our Sunday Brunch mornings. Come savor the sunrise, indulge in our culinary masterpieces, and let the Shoreline Terrace become your weekend haven.


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Brunch at Shoreline

Event Info

Sunday 19, November 2023

Time 12:00 - 15:00