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    Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa

Eve of Elegance

Dine, Dance, and Dazzle at Shoreline Terrace

Event Info

 December 31, 2023

  7:00 PM

As the final golden rays of the year yield to twilight's embrace, we cordially invite you to a New Year's Eve celebration woven with the enchanting tales of Bermuda at the Shoreline Terrace. This evening, prepare to embark on a culinary and musical odyssey that captures the spirit of adventure and the warmth of friendships forged on this sun-kissed isle.

Chef Wambui has meticulously crafted a menu that's a tribute to the year's journey, a collection of dishes that are not only a feast for the palate but also a narrative of Bermuda's magic. Each course is a chapter in our island story, reflecting golden mornings and twilight serenades, echoing laughter and shared moments.

Amidst the culinary delights, the Soul Sistas will serenade you with their vintage vibes and melodious harmonies. Their music is a heartwarming journey through time, perfectly complementing the tapestry of flavors and stories unfolding on your plate. Let their songs be the soundtrack to your reflections and celebrations, as they evoke a sense of nostalgia and joy.

As dinner concludes and the stars begin to twinkle brighter, the night transitions into an electrifying countdown with DJ Chubb. He will take the stage, ready to elevate the energy with beats that resonate with the excitement of the upcoming year. Dance under the canopy of stars, letting the rhythm guide you into 2024. It's more than just a dance party; it's a celebration of the moments we've shared and the memories yet to be made.

Join us at the Shoreline for a night of dining, dancing, and reminiscing. Whether it's through the flavors of Chef Wambui's culinary masterpieces, the nostalgic tunes of the Soul Sistas, or the vibrant beats of DJ Chubb, we're set to make this New Year's Eve an unforgettable tapestry of magic and memories. Here's to a night of storytelling, from the first bite to the last beat.


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