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    Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa

Festive Fireside Lounge

Fireside Euphony at Sundowner Lounge: An Evening of Acoustic Serenades & Yuletide Warmth

Event Info

 December 27, 2023

  5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

As the amber hues of dusk gently blanket the skies on December 27 & 29, from 5 - 7pm, the Sunken Harbor Club Terrace is transformed into a sanctuary of festive reverie.

Here, beneath a twinkling firmament, moments of tranquility and intimacy converge. Nestle into our cozy arrangements, as the fireside's gentle flicker narrates tales of cherished yules and dreams yet to be.

Rekindle fond memories or craft cherished new ones as you assemble delightful s'mores with our specialty marshmallow kits. Each gooey morsel promises a fusion of sweetness, warmth, and sheer delight. And to further elevate this magical evening, our warm beverage bar stands poised. Be it a rich hot chocolate, a tantalizing mulled wine, or a serene cup of herbal tea, every sip whispers tales of holidays past and beckons brighter tomorrows.

In the embrace of the Sunken Harbor Terrace, the ambient glow, heartwarming tunes, and delectable treats coalesce into an unforgettable festive tapestry. Let the acoustic melodies serenade your soul, as every chuckle, every toast, and every shared reflection becomes a treasured keepsake. Join us in weaving this tapestry of holiday magic.