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Mistletoe Moments

Mistletoe Memories under the Moongate: A Bermuda Love Affair

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 December 28, 2023

  4:00 PM

As the gentle glow of twilight envelopes the resort at 4pm, journey to our iconic Bermuda Moongate, which now wears a festive touch, adorned with the ever-romantic mistletoe and illuminated by delicate fairy lights. This moongate, deeply rooted in Bermudian tradition, has always symbolized love and new beginnings. And this season, it becomes the beacon for couples to rekindle their romance.

Pause beneath the mistletoe, and let the magic of the moment inspire a holiday smooch or an affectionate embrace. Whether you're capturing the moment with a heartfelt selfie or letting our dedicated staff snap a photo to freeze this memory in time, this is the place to create a lasting Christmas keepsake.

So, come, steal a moment, and let love flourish under the enchanting Bermuda Moongate. Amidst the shared laughter, twinkling lights, and spontaneous kisses, let's celebrate love in its purest, most festive form.