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Pastel Dinner Series - A Silk Passage to China

A Seaside Culinary Journey Through the Middle Kingdom

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 December 19, 2023

Embark on an enchanting journey to the Far East with Pastels, as we explore the rich culinary tapestry of China, a gem on the ancient Silk Road. With the soothing rhythm of the Bermuda waves as your backdrop, immerse yourself in an extraordinary fusion of flavors that has been centuries in the making.

Beneath Bermuda's radiant sunshine, against the tranquil ocean vista, your senses will travel through vibrant Chinese food streets, grand imperial banquets, tranquil tea houses, and bustling night markets. Our tasting series, "A Silk Passage to China," harmoniously weaves together the past and present, tradition and innovation, journeying through flavors as diverse and captivating as the Silk Road itself.

Your Chinese culinary adventure is tailored to the rhythm of your day:


A light and satisfying culinary trip through the streets of China, perfect for those seeking a break from their sun-soaked leisure.


A heartier exploration that takes you deeper into China's culinary treasures, designed to replenish your senses after a day of poolside relaxation or seaside cocktails.


A holistic expedition that invites you to savor the full breadth of our Silk Route-inspired Chinese menu. Experience a gastronomic adventure that spans the full depth and diversity of China's culinary heritage.

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