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Pastel Dinner Series - Arabian Nights

A Seaside Culinary Journey Through Desert Sands

Pastel Dinner Series - Arabian Nights

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 November 28, 2023

Pastels invites you to embark on an enchanting culinary journey that sweeps across the arid landscapes of Arabia, under the star-studded desert nights. As the gentle breeze of the Bermuda coast meets the exotic flavors of Arabian cuisine, you'll explore the ancient trade connections and cultural ties that were so integral to the Silk Road.

Beneath the radiant Bermuda sun, with a backdrop of the soothing ocean views, your senses will traverse bustling Arabian bazaars, spice-laden caravans, opulent feasts, and comforting home cuisines. Our tasting series, "Arabian Nights," is an artful blend of past and present, tradition and innovation, bringing you the essence of Arabian flavors as diverse and rich as the desert sands themselves.

Your Arabian culinary voyage is tailored to suit the rhythm of your seaside day:


A delightful saunter through the bustling Arabian street food scene, perfect for those seeking a light and satisfying repast amidst their sun-soaked relaxation.


A deeper dive into the richness of Arabian cuisine, rejuvenating your senses after a day of poolside relaxation or leisurely cocktails.


An immersive banquet that invites you to savor the complete range of Arabian culinary offerings, celebrating the gastronomic legacy that has thrived along the Silk Road.

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Pastel Dinner Series - Arabian Nights

Event Info

Tuesday 28, November 2023