Posted 9/11/2017

When Ahh-Inclusive Trumps All-Inclusive in Bermuda

When Ahh-Inclusive Trumps All-Inclusive in Bermuda

We often get asked whether Cambridge Beaches is an all-inclusive resort. The answer is no—we prefer to cater to our guests’ epicurean tastes, while giving them the flexibility to enjoy other culinary experiences on the island.

That said, we do provide a worry-free dining option for those who want to maximize both their time at the resort as well as their food options. We call it the Dinner Plan. But if you’d prefer to think of it as the ahh-inclusive, that’s fine with us.

For a per night fee, you can order any appetizer, entrée and dessert at either of our restaurants, regardless the price on the menu. So whether you choose to enjoy the serenity of Mangrove Bay while dining at Tamarisk, or watch the sun dip into Long Bay while sharing an intimate table with your sweetheart on the beach at Breezes, enjoy guilt-free dining. If you can’t decide between two dessert options, have one tonight and the other tomorrow.

The Dinner Plan also makes it easy for you to enjoy a dinner or two away from Cambridge Beaches since it includes a Dine-Around program with two other fine resorts in Bermuda.

Although the Dinner Plan doesn’t include drinks, it does include a 17 percent gratuity for our wait staff. And keep in mind that if you choose to add the Dinner Plan, it will be applied to every night of your stay.

So if you are looking for an all-inclusive resort in Bermuda, we encourage you to opt for our ahh-inclusive experience. With free breakfasts (included in your booking fee) and the stress-free dining options that come with your Dinner Plan, we’ve got just what you need.