Posted 8/7/2017

Bermuda’s Pink Sand Beaches

Bermuda’s Pink Sand Beaches

When you come to Bermuda, you will never be more than a mile away from the sea even at the most landlocked place. And that means you can always be mere minutes away from caressing your toes in our famous pink sand beaches.

Our pink sand comes from our unique topography. Bermuda sits on limestone formed from a volcanic eruption more than a million years ago. We are also surrounded by coral reefs that are home to many shell-based marine animals.

Mother Nature took the limestone and coral as primary ingredients, added a dash of colorful seashells, and then mixed them together with her powerful wind and sea. The result? A recipe for sand, hues ever so pink, soft as baby powder, cool to the touch even under a blazing sun, gently snuggling with our magnificent blue-green waters.

Of course, some of our beaches—such as Elbow Beach or Horseshoe Beach—are more famous than others. But much of Bermuda’s beauty lies in the small, secluded beaches dotting the islands.

You’ll need a boat to reach many of those intimate beaches. Or you could just stay with us. With four private beaches at Cambridge Beaches Resort, you can always find a secluded place to relax just a short walk from your cottage.

And you can thank Mother Nature all you want. We sure do.