Posted 10/2/2017

The Bermuda Triangle: Do You Dare Experience it Yourself?

The Bermuda Triangle: Do You Dare Experience it Yourself?

Bermuda shorts, Bermuda grass and the Bermuda Triangle. Those are probably the three things most people associate with Bermuda. We’ve blogged before about Bermuda shorts. And Bermuda grass is, well, just a type of sturdy grass.

But nothing captures the imagination quite like the Bermuda Triangle. Probably every person in America over the age of 10 can tell you that the Bermuda Triangle is a place where planes and ships mysteriously disappear.

If you draw a line from Bermuda (which is out in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean) to Miami, then down past The Bahamas to Puerto Rico before taking it back north to Bermuda, you’ll have a large triangle that encompasses roughly 500,000 square miles of mostly ocean. That’s the infamous Bermuda Triangle that first got its moniker by the author Vincent Gaddis in 1964.

So is there any truth to the legend? Well, there certainly are famous accounts of ships and planes “disappearing” (i.e. crashing or sinking) in that area without ever sending out distress signals. But no more so than what has happened in other oceans around the planet.

The fact is, planes fly and ships navigate successfully through the Bermuda Triangle every day.

However, if you prefer to believe the theories, we won’t stop you. In fact, we have the perfect advice for you.

  1. Check out every book you can find on the subject at your local library
  2. Pack them in a suitcase, and fly to Bermuda (if you take a flight from Atlanta, New York or Toronto you won’t fly in the mysterious Triangle).
  3. Bring along a special someone who shares your love of the supernatural (or who just wants to eat great food and relax in paradise for a week while you do your research).
  4. Come straight to Cambridge Beaches Resort.
  5. Take your books to Long Beach (one of our beautiful private beaches) or our infinity pool and let our attentive staff at Breezes or Shutters keep you supplied with refreshing beverages while you delve into the mystery of your exotic surroundings.

You could then brag about doing some “first-hand” research on the matter. That’s better than reading the books at home with a bag of stale munchies and warm diet soda, right?