Posted 10/16/2017

The Best Time to Travel to Bermuda

The Best Time to Travel to Bermuda

So you’ve decided to come to Bermuda for your vacation (good choice). And you want to feel like a native Bermudian by staying in the historic cottages at Cambridge Beaches Resort (an even better choice). The only thing you need to do now is decide when to come.

Because of our sub-tropical climate, there is never a bad time to come to our island. But depending on what you want to do here, you may want to come during a particular time of year.

Do you want to spend most of your time in the ocean, whether lounging in our water hammocks, snorkeling in Long Bay with the sea turtles, or sailing on a Hobie Cat in the Great Sound?

If so, June through September would be best for you. Although the air temperature averages in the upper 70s (F) and the humidity is highest in those months, that’s also when the inshore sea temperature stays in the low 80s (F). In other words, who cares how humid it is when the water is the perfect temperature for you to comfortably spend hours playing in it.

Do you want to stay mostly out of the water, but still lounge comfortably on the beach, or explore the island in relative comfort?

Then the spring and fall months, when the air temperature dips into the low 70s and the humidity drops, would be better. In particular, April and May typically have fewer rainy days than the rest of the year.

Or do you want to just get away from the crowds, reconnect with your lover and enjoy our land-based amenities during a low-key stay?

If so, we recommend you visit us in the winter months. With air temperatures in the low 60s and no frost or snow, it will still most likely be warmer than where you are coming from.

Regardless of when you choose to visit, Bermuda will always be beautiful, we will treat you like family, and you will have an exquisite experience you will never forget.