Posted 7/24/2017

Is Bermuda a Country?

Is Bermuda a Country?

Yes, Bermuda is a country. It was established in 1609 when an English ship commanded by Admiral Sir George Somers crashed near it en route to Jamestown, Virginia.

Bermuda has its own flag, constitution and an elected government that has governed since its first parliament convened in 1620. But as a British colony, Bermuda also has a governor who is appointed by Her Majesty the Queen.

Bermuda also has its own currency, the Bermuda dollar, which always equals the value of a U.S. dollar. Both Bermuda dollars and U.S. dollars are generally accepted around the island.

From the way we talk and the side of the road we drive on, you’ll certainly recognize our British heritage. But our close proximity to the United States has also rubbed off on us.

You’ll find many things about Bermuda that make us unique in the world. And among all the resorts on Bermuda, our romantic, secluded Cambridge Beaches is like no other.