Posted 10/17/2020

Thanksgiving Bermuda Style

Thanksgiving Bermuda Style

It's not easy to be away from home on Thanksgiving, and if you're feeling homesick, it can be even harder to spend the U.S. holiday in a foreign country. While your friends and family are eating pumpkin pie and watching (American) football, the fourth Thursday of the month is just another day everywhere else in the world. Not here at Cambridge Beaches. We love to introduce new traditions to our guests from all over the world, so there is nothing better to still have that celebration or to try out new ones.

What You'll Get. Tan and tipsy: private beaches and wine and spirit tastings; island-tinged Thanksgiving buffet; turkey trot or sup yoga for those looking for less taxing pursuits, photography scavenger hunt; specialty Thanksgiving cocktails of the day; spa offerings with a little bit of added spice.

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