Posted 9/18/2017

Where is Bermuda?

Where is Bermuda?

The Beach Boys Sing About It, but Where is Bermuda?

“Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama. Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go?”

Thanks to the Beach Boys, everyone knows there’s a place called Kokomo off the Florida Keys, along with a bunch of other exotic islands in the Caribbean.

So you may be forgiven in thinking that Bermuda is right there with them.

The reality is Bermuda lies much farther north and east of those places. Bermuda lies in the North Atlantic Ocean, 650 miles east of the United States and at roughly the same latitude as Charleston, South Carolina.

If that just shattered your idea of lounging on a beach in a subtropical paradise, it shouldn’t. Because of the Gulf Stream passing near us, our Bermuda waters are bathtub warm in the summer. In fact, we get most of our visitors in the summer months when those Caribbean islands are too hot to visit.

So catch a quick flight from Miami, Atlanta, New York or Toronto. You and your sweetheart will be here in no time. And when you get here, come stay with us at Cambridge Beaches. You’ll discover for yourself just what the Beach Boys were singing about.

Map Data: Google, INEGI