The Cambridge Story

Cambridge Beaches - Rich with History

You can almost feel the history when you stay at Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa.

For nearly 100 years, this resort has built a reputation as Bermuda’s finest vacation destination. Our guest lists are proof of that – countless authors, celebrities, CEOs and world leaders have visited us over the years. But we’ve never forgotten how it all began.

The Latin inscription on our coat of arms reads: “The First and The Best.” And it still holds true today.

Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa is the island’s first cottage colony and one of the oldest resorts on Bermuda. In fact, our property was a pioneer in cottage-style accommodations, which have been adopted by other popular resorts. Our property even includes a restored cottage that is 300 years old.

Over the years, we’ve named many of our accommodations after cherished return guests and long serving members of staff. This serves not only as a connection to our past, but also as a reminder of the high standards we must continue to uphold. We’re proud of our growing number of repeat guests and we show our appreciation by placing the name of those who have stayed with us at least five times on our repeat guest wall. So far, the record is 100 visits.

Visit Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa and become part of this rich history.