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Holiday Trot

Morning Mingle: The Festive Trot with Clarence Hofheins!

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 December 26, 2023

  8:00 AM

As dawn paints the horizon with its gentle hues, what better way to invigorate your spirit and shed off the festive indulgence than with a refreshing trot alongside our esteemed General Manager, Clarence Hofheins? Journey with Clarence along the historic railway trail, where each step intertwines nature's serenity with remnants of bygone eras.

Whether you're an avid runner, an occasional jogger, or someone who simply enjoys a leisurely walk amidst nature's beauty, this trot promises to be the perfect pace-setter to your day. No need to be an experienced sprinter; this is as much about the camaraderie and festive spirit as it is about the exercise. For walkers, the trail offers an opportunity to soak in the surroundings at a relaxed pace, sharing stories and perhaps a laugh or two. For runners, it's a chance to feel the wind in your hair, the rhythm of your heart, and the company of fellow enthusiasts.

Let the festive spirit linger a little longer, mingling with the fresh morning air, as we come together as a community. And remember, it's not about how fast you go, but the joy of the journey and the friends you make along the way. So, tie up those shoelaces, wear your brightest festive gear, and let's create morning memories that will last long after the holidays!

Meeting Point - Roundabout in front of the Main House