Authentic Bermuda Spa Experience

Relax, restore, and reach a state of absolute tranquility: our Ocean Spa treatments are based on the traditional healing arts, with the utmost care and attention given across every service. From Ayurvedic Energy Massages to time spent in our Experience Suites, every aspect of the Ocean Spa is meant to invigorate and renew.

Each of our highly trained therapists is qualified to International Spa Therapist standards, and we are proud to use the finest products from Caudalie.

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  • Aroma Stone Massage 50 min $145
    Focusing on tension areas this massage will work on the back, neck, scalp and feet using warm stones and traditional massage techniques.

    Swedish Massage 50 min $135 | 80 min $230
    This classic full body massage will revitalize circulation and relieve areas of stress.

    Deep Tissue 50 min $145 | 80 min $245
    This massage works on the deeper layers of muscle and tissue.
    Ideal for those looking for a firmer pressure in their massage.

    Hot Stone Massage 80 min $240
    This relaxing full-body massage uses warm therapeutic stones.
    The heat relaxes and soothes the muscles allowing your therapist to massage without the necessity of deep pressure.

    Prenatal Massage 50 min $135
    Designed to address the needs of the mother-to-be; this relaxing massage relieves stresses and strains.
    Please note we do not perform massage during the first trimester.

    Reflexology 50 min $145
    Concentrating on reflex points on the feet, this treatment helps to release blocked energy from corresponding areas of the body, resulting in a wonderful sense of well-being.

    Thai Yoga 50 min $150 | 80 min $250
    A blend of acupressure and gentle yoga stretches, treating the mind and body. Comfortable loose clothing to be worn for this treatment.

    Ayurvedic Energy 50 min $145 | 80 min $240
    A treatment to balance one's energy and promote relaxation.

  • Crushed Cabernet Scrub 25 min $90
    Using a signature scrub of brown sugar, grapeseed oil, honey and essential oils to deep exfoliate and nourish the skin.

    De Vine Body Treatment 50 min $145
    This relaxing treatment uses our signature Caudalie, The Des Vigne Oil. Your skin is soft, moisturized and left with a subtle fragrance of ginger, neroli, and white musk.

  • Crushed Cabernet 80 min $240
    A luxurious treatment combining our signature scrub and full body massage to leave your skin soft, smooth, and relaxed.

    Heavenly Reflexology 80 min $220
    A combination of a back, neck, and shoulder massage and reflexology to truly balance and restore you.

  • Essential Spa Manicure 40 min $60
    Formulas to nourish, protect and strengthen the nails, providing a flawless finish.
    Includes polish application.

    Sports Manicure 25 min $70
    Perfect to ensure well-groomed nails, a necessity for the professional male.

    Essential Spa Pedicure 40 min $70
    Indulge your feet with our wonderful Essential pedicure, leaving the nails
    and cuticles neatened and the feet softened, hydrated, and energized. Includes polish application.

    Sports Pedicure 25 min $55
    Perfect for those who do not consider the stresses and strains put on your feet day after day.

  • Featuring Caudalie Products

    Premier cru
    Ultimate Anti-Aging Facial 50 min $165
    This exceptional facial is a blend of our most effective anti-aging ingredients and treats all signs of skin ageing. Thanks to an innovative roller and sculpting massage technique, followed by an exclusive hydrogel mask enriched with resveratrol, the skin feels denser, smoother and firmer. Wrinkles and fine lines fade visibly. Your complexion looks younger and radiant.

    Firming and Lifting Facial 50 min $150
    Specially created for mature skin that lacks volume and firmness. Advanced firming techniques are applied with our lifting roller along with sculpting massage movements to visibly firm and redefine the contours of your face. The application of a heat mask enhances the lifting effect of Caudalie’s Resveratrol products. Your face appears re-sculpted, and features plumped up.

    Brightening Facial 50 min $150
    Ideal for skin lacking radiance and luminosity, this treatment corrects and prevents dark spots. Caudalie’s products concentrated in viniferine combined with a massage using warm and cool stones stimulate your skin’s radiance. Your skin is luminous and features rested.

    Detox &Restore Facial 50 min $150
    A burst of vitamins and energy to activate the skin’s youth. Created for stressed skin, this facial offers a powerful anti-wrinkle action and protection from pollution thanks to the combined action of grape seed polyphenols, grape water and hydration. Relaxing massage using cryo rollers will be followed by a detox mask. Skin texture is smooth, your complexion has a healthy glow.

Child Policy: The Ocean Spa, Aquarian Baths, Relaxation Pool, and Turtle Cove Beach are adult-only areas welcoming guests 13 years and older, until after 6pm. Minimum age of 16 for Spa Treatments.

To contact the spa directly, please call 441-234-3636 or email