Authentic Bermuda Spa Experience

Relax, restore, and reach a state of absolute tranquility: our Ocean Spa treatments are based on the traditional healing arts, with the utmost care and attention given across every service. From Ayurvedic Energy Massages to time spent in our Experience Suites, every aspect of the Ocean Spa is meant to invigorate and renew.

Each of our highly trained therapists is qualified to International Spa Therapist standards, and we are proud to use the finest products from Aromatherapy Associates, London, UK.

Spa will be closed every Tuesday starting from November 21, 2023 to April 2, 2024.

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  • ** Share together in our Candlelit Couples Suite. Prices are per person and treatments must be scheduled for the same time duration.

    Aroma Stone Massage 50 min $135 **
    Combining warm stones with lavender essential oil to thoroughly de-stress and relax.
    Focusing on tension areas, this massage will work on the back, neck, shoulders, scalp, and feet.

    Swedish Massage 50 min $120 | 80 min $200 **
    This traditional style massage combines both slow relaxing strokes
    with therapeutic kneading techniques to revitalize circulation while gently relieving areas of stress.

    Deep Tissue 50 min $135 | 80 min $220 **
    This massage works on the deeper layers of muscle and tissue.
    Ideal for those looking for a firmer pressure in their massage.

    Hot Stone Massage 80 min $220 **
    This relaxing full-body massage uses warm therapeutic stones.
    The heat relaxes and soothes the muscles allowing your therapist to massage without the necessity of deep pressure.

    Tension Relief 40 min $105 **
    Focusing on areas of the upper body that suffer most
    from the effects of stress and tension.

    Renew Rose Prenatal Massage 50 min $135
    Designed to address the needs of the mother-to-be;
    this aromatherapy massage relieves stresses and strains using nourishing Rose oil.
    Please note we do not perform massage during the first trimester.

  • Aromatherapy 50 min $135 | 80 min $220 **
    Combines the power of pure essential oils with a specialized massage stimulating the nervous system,
    promoting circulation, and soothing the body.

    Ayurvedic Energy 50 min $135 | 80 min $220 **
    This ancient Indian practice of natural healing is recommended to anyone looking to experience a holistic treatment;
    it brings deep relaxation, rebalances one's energy and helps expel toxins.

    Heavenly Reflexology 80 min $220 **
    A wonderful combination of relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage
    followed with reflexology to give you that heavenly experience.

    Reflexology 50 min $135 **
    Concentrating on reflex points on the feet, this treatment helps to release blocked energy
    from corresponding areas of the body, resulting in a wonderful sense of well-being.

    Soothe the Soul 50 min $135 | 80 min $220 **
    A fusion of Reiki with traditional massage, this is a wonderful way to experience the benefits of both,
    the treatment being tailored to your individual needs.

    De-Stress Muscle Release 80 min $220 **
    A specific essential oil blend warms and helps relieve tight aching muscles and stiffness.
    In addition, calming lavender soothes to release stress and tension.

    Thai Yoga Massage 50 min $135 | 80 min $220
    A blend of massage, acupressure, energy work and gentle yoga stretches;
    treating the body, mind, and spirit. *Comfortable loose clothing is worn for this treatment.

  • Essential Rose 50 min $125
    With the benefits of Rose, Geranium and Evening Primrose oil, this facial softens,
    moisturizes and conditions all skin types boosting circulation and promoting cell renewal.

    Anti-Aging Facial 60 min $145
    The regenerative properties of Rose deeply nourish,
    restore and re-condition the skin, whilst improving suppleness, elasticity, and tone.

    Balance Facial 50 min $125
    Refines and refreshes oily and combination skin. Balancing essential oils normalize
    and calm the skin with added anti-bacterial benefits, leaving clean and fresh skin.

  • While we do not offer gel polish, we can provide soak-off gel removal. An extra 15 minutes is required. +25

    Essential Spa Manicure 40 min $60
    Formulas to nourish, protect and strengthen the nails, providing a flawless finish.
    Includes polish application.

    Ocean Spa Manicure 50 min $80
    All the benefits of our Essential Spa Manicure
    with the addition of a nourishing paraffin wax treatment.

    Essential Spa Pedicure 40 min $70
    Indulge your feet with our wonderful Essential pedicure, leaving the nails
    and cuticles neatened and the feet softened, hydrated, and energized. Includes polish application.

    Ocean Spa Pedicure 50 min $90
    All the benefits of our Essential Spa Pedicure
    with the addition of a nourishing paraffin wax treatment.

  • Refinery Essential Facial 50 min $125
    A cleansing & brightening facial that leaves the skin looking clean, luminous & hydrated.
    This facial uses rich, invigorating essential oils & botanical extracts.

    Gentlemen's Focus 80 min $200
    Unwind with De-Stress Mind essential oil aromatherapy massage followed by a 25-minute Refinery facial.

    Sports Manicure 25 min $45
    Perfect to ensure well-groomed nails;
    a necessity for the professional male.

    Sports Pedicure 25 min $55
    Perfect for those who do not consider the stresses
    and strains put on your feet day after day.

  • 25-minute treatments designed for those new to the spa or short on time.

    Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage $80

    Express Manicure $45

    Test Express Manicure $45

Child Policy: The Ocean Spa, Aquarian Baths, Indoor Pool, and Turtle Cove Beach are adult-only areas welcoming guests 13 years and older. Minimum age of 16 for Spa Treatments.