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Seaside Christmas Delights

Culinary Tidings by the Sea: A Tailored Christmas Brunch at Shoreline

Seaside Christmas Delights

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 December 25, 2023

  12:00 PM - 3:00 PM

This Christmas, step into a world where culinary artistry meets individual preference at the picturesque Shoreline. Our acclaimed Chef Wambui has curated an à la carte menu that not only celebrates the festive spirit but also honors diverse dietary choices.

Savor the essence of holiday traditions with selections like the Egg Benedict, or embark on a culinary exploration with unique creations such as the Tiramisu French Toast. Every dish, from the classic favorites to Chef Wambui's inventive signatures, speaks of passion, expertise, and festive flair.

Thinking of vegetarian options? Revel in our Kale & Chickpea Grain Bowl or the Butternut Squash that celebrates the earthiness of its ingredients. For those who are dairy or gluten-conscious, our menu boasts choices that ensure you enjoy without compromise, without missing out on the festive indulgence.

Set against the serene ambiance of the sea, with waves whispering tales of yuletide joy, our Christmas brunch promises an intimate, personalized dining experience. No bustling buffet lines; instead, anticipate dishes made to order, ensuring freshness, warmth, and a touch of Chef Wambui's magic on every plate.

At Shoreline, every bite is an embrace of the season's joy, a nod to individual choices, and a toast to shared memories. Join us in this gastronomic journey that respects your preferences and celebrates the festive spirit in every dish.

Your chair by the shore, under the Christmas sun, and amidst culinary wonders, awaits. Come, let's craft Christmas memories together, one plate at a time.

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Seaside Christmas Delights

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Monday 25, December 2023

Time 12:00 - 15:00