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    Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa

Tree of Tales

"Decorate-a-Tree" Celebration at the Main House

Event Info

 December 24, 2024

  8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Dive deep into a communal festive experience with our cherished "Decorate-a-Tree" event, set at the heart of our resort — the Main House.

Standing majestically within the grandeur of our Main House is a singular, undecorated Christmas tree. But this isn't just any tree; it's a canvas for memories, awaiting the collective touch of our esteemed guests. Throughout the day, we invite you to the concierge desk, where a special ornament awaits you. Personalize it by inscribing your name, symbolizing a chapter of your story, and then gracefully hang it on our guest tree.

With every ornament placed, the tree becomes richer, filled with names, stories, and memories, forming a tapestry of experiences. It stands as a testament to the wonderful array of guests we've been honored to host, leaving behind a legacy for future guests to marvel at and enjoy.

As the sun bids adieu and the soft glow of evening begins, all paths lead to the Main House. At 6pm, in a heartfelt moment of unity and celebration, we will illuminate our grand tree. The lights will dance around the names and memories, symbolizing the shared joy and warmth of our community.

Come, add your essence, be a part of our resort's festive lore, and bask in the shared radiance as we light up our communal tree. This is more than a tradition; it's the weaving of memories, uniting past and present in a dance of shimmering lights and shared stories.