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Sweet Traditions

Annual Gingerbread Cottage Showcase at Shoreline

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 December 24, 2024

Step into a sugary wonderland that's become a beloved annual tradition! Every year, our ingenious culinary team reinvents the magic, presenting a fresh and dazzling Gingerbread Cottage design. From whimsical interpretations to classic holiday scenes, each year's creation has its own story, intricacies, and allure.

From December 24th to January 2nd, the Shoreline venue transforms into the holiday's epicenter, showcasing the latest masterpiece in our series of gingerbread spectacles. Each design, unique to its year, captivates both returning guests and first-time visitors, making them eagerly anticipate what the next year will bring.

This cherished tradition isn't just about marveling at the artistry; it's about making memories. It's the ideal backdrop for capturing the season's spirit, whether it's a festive family photo or a delightful selfie with the little ones. With the tranquil Shoreline setting combined with the ever-evolving gingerbread marvel, it's no wonder families return year after year.