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Santa's Special Stopover

Santa's Special Stopover!

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 December 25, 2023

  9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Ho, ho, ho! Guess who made a special detour on his global journey? Santa himself! And he's left a trail of magic right to our Gingerbread House at Shoreline.

On this joyous morning, from 9 to 10am, the air around Shoreline will be filled with a hint more sparkle and a dash more wonder. Beneath the intricately crafted eaves of the Gingerbread House, there's a special surprise awaiting. A secret so delightful, even the gingerbread walls are bursting with anticipation!

We cordially invite our young guests, aged 12 and under, to embark on this magical journey. Let your footsteps be guided by holiday cheer and youthful curiosity, as you discover what Santa has in store. And remember, when it comes to the enchantment of the season, it's always best to approach with a wink and a nudge.

December 25th promises to be a day of laughter, surprise, and heartwarming memories. Be sure not to miss this limited-time magic, exclusively at the Gingerbread House by the serene Shoreline. Join in, and let the festive secrets unfold!